Entertainment and Business with David Allen Jones (Part 2)


From reading your profile you obviously worked in Hollywood and Canada, what drew you to Thailand to do all these things you are doing in Thailand now rather than stay in Hollywood where the big market is.


That’s a good question. The other half of my life Aaron, I got into technology consulting. It’s something I fell into and I found out I had a knack for it. It’s the thing that I am really good at entertainment and lands itself in technology consulting because I am really good at looking in something and figuring out how to position it in a market place. Oh that is really cool, if we did this and this, someone will probably want to buy it. So that led me into technology consulting, I found myself at one point being one of these guys who got known around the industry ad the person to talk to if you have a new product a new service or new division, I was the first person to call.

I got involved in that and opened up an office in Hawaii and it took me to a few different places around the world and it eventually brought me to Thailand. I came out to Thailand to start off a new version of satellite broadcasting for an interactive satellite broadcasting company. I did the business plan, the marketing plan and the feasibility study, I did all these things and was asked to be a partner in the company and I declined because I was having to much fun doing what I was doing. I went back to the United States and decided I wanted to relocate to start my life over. I was then asked by the same company to stay in Thailand as a partner and was working on a project for a broadband infrastructure around Thailand. I had all these ideas but my partner told me “this is brilliant let’s wait.” In Thailand there is one thing that people always say “let’s wait.” Then I started to notice about the entertainment and media industry here, what was coming, what was going on and I said boy there’s so many holes here that a guy like me could fill.

I then decided to leave the company and stay in Thailand with a goal to build a media company that was a bit different and take advantage of the coming wave. Everything is moving towards Asia and this is the most vibrant part of the world right now, setting companies like the one I am currently involved in can have amazing opportunities as people begin to look more and more to this part of the world to start growing their businesses. So that is why I stayed because this is an exciting time and an exciting place to be.


Yea that is very interesting actually because you always here about people trying to make it into Hollywood whereas you left Hollywood to pursue something else, which might be bigger in the future.


That interesting that you say that because I didn’t leave Hollywood because I couldn’t make money. I was very successful in Hollywood. But saying that I don’t mind being the first guy through the bushes because sometimes you are the first one to see something that’s amazing and its an amazing time. It’s challenging definitely but its amazing. 


So what did you first start out as in Hollywood?


I started out in Hollywood as a musician. I left school (college) in third year to pursue a career in music. I was a songwriter and a record producer first and then went to Hollywood and did that for 12-15 years, scored a bunch of Movies and then with my ex-wife opened up a company, started representing talent and represented some really successful talent in Hollywood in the music area then changed our company into a company that really represented music. When I left Hollywood, we had a very successful, one of the most successful companies in Hollywood providing music to films and television shows. I was in Hollywood for a long time doing music, I also consulted music companies, had my own record label and managed other people’s companies.

I was one of the musicians in town who was working all the time. I was very frustrated because I didn’t like the way musicians were treated, paid and handled. So I learnt the business side of it, I took it upon myself to understand how does this music business work and when I learned it I found I learnt the business through a lot of misconceptions that I had about how it worked. There were things I felt should have changed but right a long with it, I was also learning the technology side of things. Not from a technical standpoint but what it meant to people. I was never a technical guy but I was able to tell you what this means to the marketplace. So when things like Napster came along, I was the guy companies would call and ask “what would this mean for us right now?” I saw it very differently than other people saw it, I still do. Technology side of it came in later, if someone were to ask me right now “what do you do?” The first thing that would come to my mind is musician, I don’t always say that but that’s the first thing that comes to my mind.

I was very successful, I had a long of music come out, I had songs that hit the chart, albums that sold millions of copies, I was one of the guys that got a call when a big or small record was being done. I got introduced to Hollywood by Eddie Murphy, I came to Hollywood with him and he brought me into a completely different world. I grew up with him from Long Island, New York and I got to see things from both sides, sitting next to the biggest movie star in the world and a young novice musician trying to make it. I ended up doing a lot of projects with Eddie, I did a music on a bunch of his projects, I did the music for Raw, Saturday Night Live – The Best of Eddie Murphy (Bonus Edition) and a bunch of his movies. Working with him was great because he gave me the opportunity to see here’s how things go. He wasn’t the kind of guy who says “David I will give you this” but he was the kind of guy to say “look man this is going on, if you want to take a shot at it, go ahead” but without him I wouldn’t have gotten a shot.

It was funny because I would end up in a lot of his movies but he wouldn’t even know it. I would use his name to get me in the door but it wouldn’t’ get me on the soundtrack. I would have to get myself on the soundtrack. I was one of those young guys who was just committed, I was a workaholic. I was always working, learning and pushing, if there was something going on I would find out how to do it. I wasn’t a great musician, I didn’t start playing an instrument when I was 8 years old, I started learning how to play music in College but I was so determined. I also learned how to find out what was important in music, what I needed to figure out so I can become successful. I always had mentors, find people who know what you are going to do and who are willing to impart their knowledge around you. That is a major important key to life.

Yes I know its very long, so I will leave you with this for now and continue with part 3 soon.

Happy Holidays!!!


Aaron Koo


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