Entertainment and Business with David Allen Jones (Part 1)

CEO INTERNATIONAL David Allen Jones is a Hollywood veteran with more than 20 years experience in the film, TV, music and new media industries. He has worked with some of Hollywood’s top talent including Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Elton John, Anthony Quinn, and Burt Reynolds. He co-founded Hollywood’s TMC, a top music publisher with clients: 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. As a partner in MediaMen, he aggregated 45,000 hours of digital content and built distribution deals with: Comcast (USA), Bell Canada, Media Gateway (Dubai), and Broaden (Scandinavia). His background also includes consulting several entertainment and media companies including: Mainframe Entertainment (Canada), Global Satellite Broadcasting Corporation (Thailand), Demeu Music (Kazakhstan), Bop Recording (South Africa), Motown Records (USA), Interscope Records (USA), MuzicDepot.com (Bahamas), Pizzaz Productions (Australia), Pittard Sullivan (USA), Reputable Records (USA), Communications Media, Inc.(USA) and FSBO Illustrated (USA). He is also a principal at Memotion Co Ltd where he has produced the feature films The Coffin and Prey

 *Taken from Asia West Entertainment.

My Chat with David Allen Jones was probably one of the most interesting and eye opening conversations that I ever had in my life. We spent approximately 2 hours talking about the entertainment industry and how it has evolved over the years. 

 David was kind enough to share with us his extensive experience with Hollywood and the projects that he is working on in Thailand. He also shared with us his thoughts about the entertainment industry and what’s needed to be changed in order to help the industry move forward. Instead of insanely filtering down what was discussed between myself and David, I have decided to split the post into 3 parts. 


Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. 

Interview Part 1:



Can you tell us a little bit about your company?



Asia West is a company that we have set up in Hong Kong, mainly for international projects. The main company is called Memotion, which is a Thai company. Memotion is a production company, we do all sorts of entertainment projects (film, television, online, concerts, anything entertainment. What we say ourselves is that we are a Thai based international entertainment company. I would say we are a media company as well, the difference is an entertainment company develops and produces projects and media gets those projects out. We have a hand in getting those projects out as well.



So when you say “get them out” does that mean that you produce a movie in let’s say Thailand and you get it screened in Cinemas all over the world?


I’ll give you an example of a project. We did a film here that came out at the end of 2008, it was a movie project with the English titled called “The Coffin.” It was a pretty interesting project from a Thailand perspective, it was a film that was written and directed by a very well known and successful Thai write/director and we took the biggest Thai star, it was a guy named Ananda Everingham (half Laos and South African but has lived his whole life in Thailand) and we also took a star from Taiwan (Karen Mok). We produced the film based on a Thai story (it’s a Thai legend), it was a horror movie. We shot the film more than 85% in English and we dubbed it back into Thai, which is highly unusual. Everyone was telling us it’s not going to work. The film came out here, it was number 1 in Thailand for two weeks and it was very successful.

At the time there was a movie that came out, an American film that was a remake of a Thai movie (Bangkok Dangerous) and our film did much better than Bangkok Dangerous. It was the biggest Thai film in the history of Malaysia, Singapore and it continues to sell around the world. That was an example of a Thai film that we did that had international potential. We did a Thai story, Thai director, Thai writer, Thai writer but we did it in English for the international marketplace.

We did a music project at the end of last year in Phuket called the Roy Fest, in Thailand “Roy” means good. It was a 2 day music festival that had local Thai bands and DJ’s and international DJ’s. We had DJ’s from England and Germany and it was the biggest music festival in the history of Phuket.

Those two example are examples of types of projects we do. Projects that can be successful locally and have an international component to it and can travel internationally.


So you guys would be making Thai movies locally but have an international appeal like “Ong Bak?


Yea but Ong Bak is an example of a film that we would probably not do. Ong Bak was made specifically for a Thai audience only, Thai movie, Thai stories, Thai themes, Thai everything and then interntional picked it up because Tony Jaa was such a freak in martial arts and next thing you know it did well in the United States but that is an example of a projects that we probably would not do.

We actually have few projects in front of Tony Jaa, my partner is very close with the film company that works with him. As example the project we have in mind is with Tony Jaa and Donnie Yen from the film called Ip man. The film  would take place in Thailand and Hong Kong and it would be in English. So it would be an international film with Tony Jaa.


So basically you produce movies in Asia with an end goal of reaching an international audience?


Correct. The same thing with concerts, television projects and so on. We have a television project being shot and our partners are NBC Universal so hopefully it will be shown in the U.S and all over the world. On the music side we have music stars here in Thailand and we are looking to do an English album with them and releasing it in the United States.

More to come in the next few days.

UP NEXT David gives us insight on his experience in Hollywood.



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