Leaving Google for AIESEC and ICE with Freddy law

I met Freddy Law in March at the AIESEC Asia Pacific Exchange Leadership Development Seminar 2010. I found his story of how he wanted to make a major change in society and how he left an awesome company like Google to pursue his dream very inspiring.

I decided to interview him, so that he can share his story with all you people out there. The major points I got from this interview is the importance of resilience and perseverance. These are characteristics that all aspiring entrepreneurs out there should have because many people will try and shut down your idea and things might not always go as smooth as you like it to be at the start.

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Aaron Koo

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1 thought on “Leaving Google for AIESEC and ICE with Freddy law”

  1. awesome interview aaron!!! great for those who want to help or put up a similar thing in the future.. or just simply cool! keep it up and all the best!:D -stephyap

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